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20 Advanced Ways to Give Your Website Superpowers

[postpic=part1head.jpg class=img-responsive center-block title=20 Advanced Ways to Give Your Website Superpowers alt=20 Advanced Ways to Give Your Website Superpowers style=STYLE][/postpic] [c]Giving a website superpowers will instantly boost SEO ranks, visitors on-page, visitor stay time, and even lead to a higher social media following. Let's face it, search engines love quality and powerful websites. There are many benefits of having a robust website, but to create a robust website, there are specific things to do. Read below the 20 advanced ways to give your website superpowers. [/c] [hdmd]Advancing Your Web Design Visual [/hdmd] [unord] [item][b]1 - Animated Digital Design.[/b] An animated web design will instantly boost a web visual and increase on page interaction. Digital UI/UX animations are created to play out a simple digital story that will instantly draw attention to every user that lands on page. Animated designs that have rich text illustrations are very favored in design and produce a much more positive user experience on-page.[/item] [item][b]2 - Mobile Friendly Responsive Design.[/b] Most web users are more comfortable using a smaller device to conduct a search online versus taking out their laptop. With hundreds of millions of active web users browsing the net with a mobile device, it has now become one of the top SEO and web design recommendations to create a mobile friendly web design. A Mobile friendly web design will satisfy all users coming from all devices.[/item] [item][b]3 - One Page or Multi-Page Selection.[/b] The one-page web design is prized for its long vertical layout and ability to display all pages into one long page. The multi-page web design is a much more standard layout which is very optimisable. Both of these 2 layouts are popular in web design. The one-page web design layout is preferred for designers who love to add cool web animations and video backgrounds. The multi-page web design is a perfect fit for SEO experts who feel the need to have links and proper Meta tags per page item. Select between these 2 layouts depending on your direction, SEO primary or Web Design primary. [/item] [item][b]4 - Creative Imagery Selection.[/b] By using mesmerizing images, it will automatically attract attention and boost a website's image online. Images can be found through sites which require a small fee, or through Creative Commons websites which allow images to be used for free with proper credit attribution. For excellent and accurate results, it's best to design your own images through Photoshop. [/item] [item][b]5 - Larger Font Size and Button Size.[/b] Increasing your font & button size is both an SEO benefit and a design benefit. Users browsing the net on small devices will have a hard time reading small text on page. A large font size will instantly impress a website visitor and make web content much more readable. Buttons must also be increased in sized to become easy to locate on smaller devices.[/item] [/unord] [hdmd]Advancing your Internal Coding[/hdmd] [unord] [item][b]6 - Clean Coding Practices.[/b] Every web designer must use proper clean coding methods when designing. Clean coding methods include adding correct comments per code, not writing duplicate code, and keep all code clean & neat. Clean coding is very important in web design.[/item] [item][b]7 - Compression Options.[/b] When wanting to create something amazing, it can take some code, especially, if you are using CSS along with JavaScript. Compression is a method to instantly minify code, thus, increase website performance. Compressing CSS and JavaScript code is recommended by all experienced web designers.[/item] [item][b]8 - Broken Code Checks.[/b] Start checking your website for broken links and broken code as both of these can cause major issues online. It is common that broken code is done by accidental error. Forgetting to close a div tag can transform the entire design of a website in a negative way. Always verify your code and make sure you don't have any broken items in code. [/item] [item][b]9 - Less Design Code, Better Production.[/b][ Advanced web designers always try to design in minimal code, and generate a great visual design. Although compression methods can reduce code, it is always recommended to write in reduced code. Coding is problem-solving, so if you have an answer to a problem, then you can move forward to a successful solution.[/item] [item][b]10 - Internal Code Warning Check.[/b] The best performing web designs have 0 problems with internal coding. By running a quick W3C validator check, you can instantly check your code and find out if it has any internal errors. Clearing up those errors can lead to a better performance.[/item] [/unord] [hdmd]Advancing your SEO [/hdmd] [unord] [item][b]11 - Keyword Research.[/b] Conduct a quick keyword analysis to figure out your target keyword. Generate a list of likely keyword matches for your website and select the best out of the bunch.[/item] [item][b]12 - Web User Target.[/b] Knowing your user target is very valuable to do! By targeting the correct users, it can lead to instant company success in all directions.[/item] [item][b]13 - Meta Tag Implementation.[/b] Meta tags will show search engines what your website is about, Proper title, description, and robot tags can do just the trick to boost an SEO score. [/item] [item][b]14 - Sitemap.[/b] A sitemap should include all links inside a website that should be displayed publicly. Generating your spider sitemap is a great way to increase website index rate in search engines.[/item] [item][b]15 - Google Analytics Tracking.[/b] Google Analytics tracking is known to provide great insight in terms of tracking web visitors. Google analytics gives a very detailed report of where web visitors are coming from. Google Analytics is free and easy to implement.[/item] [/unord] [hdmd]Some Finishing Touches with Bonus Integrations to Add [/hdmd] [unord] [item][b]16 - Wordpress Blog.[/b] WordPress is currently the best content management system that is known for its ability to instantly publish blogs without the hassle of doing it the old fashion way (which would include FTP). Over the years, WordPress has grown and advanced in terms of integrations available and security.[/item] [item][b]17 - Payments API.[/b] For online commerce stores, an online payments API integration can instantly make a payment terminal look much more professional and user-friendly. Top merchants will offer API keys for integration.[/item] [item][b]18 - Subscription Box.[/b] Fortune 100 firms use subscriptions & mail listings. By increasing web subscriptions, even more traffic will be generated on page, thus, increase overall website popularity and Alexa rankings.[/item] [item][b]19 - SSL Certificate.[/b] Installing an SSL Certificate is the number 1 way to instantly secure a website. Web visitors that notice a website an SSL certificate, will feel much safer to further interact with the web page.[/item] [item][b]20 - Social Media Buttons.[/b] Social media button integration will instantly give access to web visitors to locate your social media accounts and follow your social accounts. A large social media following is always favorable.[/item] [/unord] [c][b]As mentioned above, there are many different elements that need to be perfectly combined in order to generate an amazing web design. Designing with modern standards is key to creating an advanced web design. Use the 20 advanced ways provided above to give your website superpowers.[/b][/c]
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