13 simple and minimal effort ways to boost your engagement on Facebook.

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13 simple and minimal effort ways to boost your engagement on Facebook.

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13 simple and minimal effort ways to boost your engagement on Facebook.

By Michael Griffiths

Created: 06.07.2017 00:00:00, last updated: 28.07.2017 00:00:00

13 simple and minimal effort ways to boost your engagement on Facebook.

How to boost your Facebook business page engagement levels - by Michael Griffiths of Griffiths Web Design

Both yours and your brands personality are unique and special so let them shine

When posting from your business page use your brands unique voice. Every brand is different and has their own personality so make sure your audience gets to know that personality.

When posting from your personal page make sure you stamp YOUR own personality on it, not your brands. When posting as yourself you want the world to know that you are an individual and that your personality is separate from that of your brand.

Ask your audience questions

Questions are an excellent way of encouraging your audience to engage with your posts. Make sure you’re asking questions relevant to your chosen niche, you don’t want your audience to think they will only be getting industry specific information sporadically. Your audience wants a steady stream of quality content coming their way, not a load of vague questions about the weather. So keep it specific to your niche, and relevant to your brand.

Use relevant images

When posting try to include big pictures that are relevant to the post, to the audience, and to the brand. Posts with images have proven themselves to be worthy of the extra effort involved in the post creation. Posts with images get a much better rate of engagement than those without. Although this is only true when the images in question are relevant and manage to catch the eye of the user. So with that in mind when you are deciding on what to post and when have a really good think about what imagery would work best with your beautifully formulated and eloquently written posts.

Use videos

You’ve probably heard this left, right, and centre. In fact you’ve probably heard it so often that you are getting sick of hearing about it. But here it is anyway, because it really is true. Posting video’s that are relevant to your brand and your niche are an excellent way to increase your levels of user engagement.

You could create a video to explain what your services are and how they will benefit the customer, or you could create a video in which you can answer some frequently asked questions. The possibilities are endless. In this day and age it can cost next to nothing to have a professional quality video put together.

Provide an inside look at your company

For this point you could interview some of your staff, or you could interview a customer.

You could go through your processes start to finish so the customers can see what happens behind the scenes.

You could write a post, or create a video, about a day in the life of your company

Keep on track – Don’t lose your focus keep your topics relevant to your brand

It’s all too easy when you’re struggling for ideas on what to post to fall into the trap of posting things that have no relevance to your brand or your niche. This is a good way to get un-followed. People will follow your business page because of the quality content that you provide. I very much doubt that funny cat memes are relevant to your business so keep that sort of stuff strictly to your personal page for your friends to bask in the glory of cats doing funny things and people falling over in comical ways.

Use your fans (relevant) content

The people that follow your page will have, at least, a few interests in common. As such it is good practice to regularly share other peoples content. But, again, only if it has relevance.

Sharing other people’s content will not only [provide your audience with new quality content it will also open up the possibility of expanding your current audience. So get sharing people, you really have nothing to lose.

Keep your posts simple

People that use Facebook do not want their brain to be twisted out of shape. So when you are sharing your new blog post about the [insert really complicated subject here] keep the Facebook post itself simple. Pick a nice quote from the article that gives an indication of what the article is about, choose a big relevant picture to accompany the post and you’re ready to go.

People often make the mistake of making their posts too technical. They do this because they want to prove their technical prowess. It may seem like a good idea but it is most definitely not. Keep your post as simple as possible, although care should be taken to avoid sounding condescending. You need to remember if they are following your page then they have already shown an interest in you and your topic. So as I mentioned before a nice quote from the blog post or a brief explanation about the blog post will do nicely.

A common thing I see on Facebook is people just using the title of the blog post as their Facebook post. I understand how it is, you’ve put all that time and effort optimising your article’s title and you want to show it off. Most of the time what makes a good title for a blog post does not make for a good Facebook post. Your Facebook post needs to serve as an informal introduction to your blog post.

Facebook wasn’t built in a day

As the saying goes, ‘Facebook wasn’t built in a day’, or was it Rome? Anyway... back to what I was saying. Success on social media comes from continued efforts. There will be times, especially in the beginning, when it will seem like all your efforts are going unrewarded and that you should just give up. And you will be absolutely right to feel that way but there is a silver lining. If you continue your efforts then gradually overtime you will build up a larger and more engaging audience. So be patient.

Show your audience that you do care

Your audience is the lifeblood of your brand. Without them you have no clientele and therefore you need them. There is no escaping this fact. So what is the simplest way of showing your followers a little love through Facebook? Engage them. Yes that’s right do the very thing you want your followers to do on your page. This will help to build solid relationships and is a sure fire way to gain more engagement and reach on Facebook.

Have fun, relax, and enjoy yourself

Facebook is social media, the emphasis being on the social part. So be social. No one wants to talk to the person at the party that brings everyone down so do your best not to be that person. People want to see the softer side of your businesses personality so let it out. What you are saying can still carry weight when presented in a semi-informal way. You are trying to spark a conversation, not making a presentation to the board of directors.


There is no point what so ever in posting when your target audience is not actively using Facebook. You should have done plenty of research into your target audience when you were writing your business plan. If you didn’t then I suggest you stop what you are doing immediately and go and find out everything there is to know about your target audience. From this information you can identify when your audience is most likely to be active on Facebook and this is the time for your beautifully written posts to be published for them to get the most exposure and with any luck engagement as well.

Host a contest

Lots of organisation hold contests through Facebook that force their audience to engage with them in order to gain entrance into the competition. Don’t go too mad with the prizes, keep it small and simple. All you need to do is to ask for a comment, like, and share and then on a set date you can pick a winner at random. Do this fairly regularly and you will see a rise in followers of your page.

Include a call to action in your posts

Make sure, if you want the user to complete an action, that you include a way to do so. For example you’ve written a blog post about subject blah. You feel that your audience would really benefit from reading it so you write a status, ‘read my latest article about blah’ (hopefully you’ll write something a bit more inspiring than that), but if you don’t include a link how will they find it?

The call to action must be relevant to the post. There is no point in adding a link or whatever your chosen CTA may be if there is no need for it. Lots of people fall into the trap of adding a link to every post but if you want your users to click the link it has to be in keeping with the actual post.

Thanks for reading

So there you have it 13 simple ways to boost engagement of your Facebook business page. Now over to you, what ways have you found to increase your levels of engagement on Facebook?

Thanks for reading. Any shares on social media would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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