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Why and how does having an ideal customer profile set up help you in your business? (by Michael Griffiths)

We all hear, as business owners, people banging on about an ideal customer profile. It all sounds a little like bullshit, so why should you have one?

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Permission based selling – The 6 steps to sales success (by Michael Griffiths)

There are so many benefits to permission based selling, too many to list. However I am going to give you the reason that will be important to you. Permission based selling generates more leads and sales than any other type of selling.

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Come and join the Micro-Biz Academy on Facebook. (by Michael Griffiths)

I thought it would be beneficial to other small business owners and network marketers if I made a group in which I can help people build their business online. That way I can help more people at a time.

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The 6 steps to get that sale or prospect (by Michael Griffiths)

The purpose of this post is to share with you something that salespeople all over the world have used for as long as there has been selling. The 6 steps to an effective pitch that I will share with you is so simple, yet so effective.

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